Chicano Rap music orgin

One Chicano group of rappers of interest Kemo the Blaxican and Sinful of the Mexicanz during the 90's started using styles from Mexican music in their delivery and beats. Commonly's refered to as "Urban Regional", This subgenre of Chicano rap is not always representative of Chicano Rap. Lil Rob of San diego is one of the most widely recognized Chicano rap music rapper of today. "Summer NIghts" created by chicano rap music artist Lil Rob was seen as a major crossover and recieved heavy rotation on radio station and music video shows not driectly related to Chicano Rap Music.

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Chicano Rap music origin

Technorati Profile chicano rap music one of its pioneer group Cypress hill lead teh way for other rap groups.

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Chicano Rap Music Origins

Chicano Rap which is one genre under hip music with origins stemming from the WestCoast and Southwest. The musics performers have origins of mexican ancestry. The first wideley known artist was Kid Frost. His first album was was Hispanic causing Panic with the first single La RAza

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